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Hard to leave and grateful to help -- Farewell Gansu Cultural Tourism Group village help team

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Recently, Liu Yong, Minister of the Organization Department of the Party Committee of Gansu Cultural Tourism Group, sent the newly selected village cadres to the brick city village and Ding Lianzhang Village of Maojing Town in Huanxian County to carry out rural revitalization work。Maojing Town brick city Village two committees in the village work team on the occasion of the change of specially sent a printed "village to help warm people, cultural and tourism integration to revitalize the countryside" banner, in order to express sincere gratitude to the village work team。Two years in the village, do not give up the feeling, this is a two-way trip to the village work, flying the banner is the best affirmation of the Gansu Cultural tourism Group to consolidate the results of poverty alleviation with the effective connection of rural revitalization work。 

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In the past two years, under the guidance of the Group's Party Committee, the village work team has taken root in the front line, diligently performed its duties, implemented various help policies with wisdom, heart and sentiment, and done practical things and good things for the masses。Focus on revitalization goals, combined with reality, seeking truth from facts, scientific planning to develop a help work plan and steadily promote the implementation, continue to publicize and implement the important spirit of the central and provincial Party committees, focus on dynamic monitoring and management capabilities, grassroots party organization construction, specialColor industry development, employment help work effectiveness, spiritual civilization innovation construction, mass happiness satisfaction, poverty relief, love help and other aspects of hard use,The help project is close to reality, the strength of the help team is not reduced, and the help fund is used accurately and effectively,To ensure the continuity and stability of the help work,And through more systematic work, more pragmatic measures, more rigorous style of work to help the village practical people feel the good policies of the party and the state and the good measures of the group,It has effectively stimulated the internal driving force for development, prosperity and income increase。

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Plan for the in-depth implementation of the CPC Central Committee's strategic decision on comprehensively promoting rural revitalization,Gansu Cultural Tourism Group from the village cadre brewing, selection, training and other aspects of efforts,Truly let the village cadres not afraid of difficulties, brave to shoulder the mission,Continue to carry forward the group "sharing weal and woe,The end of the line "core values,The enterprise culture of "creation, humanism and integration" and the party building concept of "red heart to the Party and green intention for the people",Solid implementation of village assistance work,To promote the brick village and Dinglianzhang village to achieve rural revitalization contribution wisdom and strength。

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 Source: Village assistance team

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